Friday, October 20, 2017

Reliable Website Design for Small Business in Naples, FL

Webmasters Desktop

The website design market has been flooded from jump and is only more congested today. It's difficult to find the right website designer for a typical small business who's owner(s) often have little understanding on the subject.

Corporate Designs

Large companies treat you like a number instead of understanding your concerns. Oh sure, they train their staff well to patronize you on the phone with feel-good phrases, but that is all they can offer, a good sales pitch. Soon to follow are high costs, contracts and lots of frustration when the design is finally published.

Freelancer Website Designs

Individual designers, or freelancers, are not equipped to handle ongoing support. Usually they charge a pretty penny for a website which will bring exactly zero customers, but it will look good if you found a talented web designer. If you happen to stumble across a self-proclaimed website designer, your website will be nothing more than a template with generic everything... most likely not a great layout for mobile devices. Designs

At we focus on the support side more than the design. What you get is a low entry price point for a quality, easy to navigate, unique design that best represents your small business. From start to finish we design it all. Content, images, even a simple logo if you need one, we deliver a website that best represents your business. Should you not be happy with our digital representation, we will deliver another design.

Left is clients design by a freelancer
Right is our rendition.

If your website does not look good on a mobile device, it is costing you money.
Just another sample of screen and mobile website design for a local drywall and stucco company.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Creative Writing Separates You From The Competition

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO And Content Go Hand In Hand

Your website is a direct representation of you and your company. Many books have been published on the subject which most business owners will never read. We have summarized 4 areas of web design you should at least have awareness.

Meaningful Images Are Important
Pictures help create understanding of content. Finding the right image takes time and in many cases copyright laws must be followed. Some projects we spend hours searching for images before making a purchase.
Simplicity Performs Best
Visitors are not interested in your website. They are searching for solutions. A clean simple design offers a comfortable path to their inquiries. A unique design helps deliver the right message.
Your Content Must Be Original
Engaging unique content offers visitors better insight that contributes to their perceived value of your company and services/products offered. Legal implications may arise for content copied from another website.
Back-End Structure Has Rules
Structural rules exist in design, coding and publishing your website. It can take years to learn the vast array of requirements, or you can hire us to handle this and other items on your behalf.